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Shropshire Herd Takes New Top Spot in NMR Annual Report

Gerald Allsop’s Enchmarsh Holstein herd, from Church Stretton in Shropshire, has moved into top place in the herd production rankings in NMR’s Annual Production Report, which was published this week for the year ending September 2011.

Gerald Allsop, Enchmarsh Holstein herd, Church Stretton in Shropshire – top Holstein herd, NMR Annual Production Report September 2011

Gerald Allsop, Enchmarsh Holstein herd

Moving from eighth place in 2009/10, Mr Allsop’s herd of 84 cows has an average production of 886kg of fat and protein and a milk yield of 11,731kg on twice-a-day milking. Calving interval for the herd is 421 days.

In second place and moving from seventh place is Nick Cobb’s Chalclyffe herd from Dorchester, Dorset. Milked three times a day, his 741-cow herd has recorded an average production of 882kg of fat and protein and 12,794kg of milk on three-times-a-day milking with a calving interval of 384 days – the lowest interval in NMR’s top 1% of herds ranked on production.

Joint third is Andrew, Julie and Martin Bray from Helston in Cornwall. Moving up from 13th place, their 97 cows produced 880kg of fat and protein and 11,162kg of milk. Sharing third place is last year’s top herd, the Luther’s Foxminster pedigree Holstein herd from Poole in Dorset. Also with 880kg of fat and protein, this herd of 64 cows has an average milk yield of 12,283kg.

In fifth place is the Higgin’s Wilderley Hall herd. Milked three times a day and with 218 recorded lactations, this herd produced an average of 857kg of fat and protein and a milk yield of 12,644kg.

A newcomer to the top 10, and to the top 1% of NMR herds in this ranking, is Church Farm Partnership from East Stour near Gillingham in Dorset. Owned by Tom Salisbury, in partnership with his father, this herd of 318 cows produced 838kg of fat and protein and 11,270kg of milk on three-times-a-day milking.


Tim, Anne and Jonathan Wyatt of Pearn Wyatt and Son
with cows in their Twells Dairy Shorthorn herd.

Pearn Wyatt and Son
Top herds in other main dairy breeds

Pearne Wyatt and Son, from Norfolk, has moved into first place in the Shorthorn production rankings with a fat and protein yield of 622kg and a milk yield of 8,589kg for their 126-cow herd.

Ayrshire breeder Tinker and Sons’ Park Head herd, based in Yorkshire, is in top place for the third year running. The 190 cows have increased production by 8kg of fat and protein to 690kg with 9,067kg of milk.

Little change was recorded in the Jerseys this year with the Mahon’s 45-cow herd from Norfolk still in first place, having increased fat and protein production by 23kg to 759kg and yield by 226kg to 8,203kg. M & C Cox from Guernsey are top of the Guernsey breed rankings with 27 cows producing 778kg of fat and protein and 8,504kg of milk.

The Cumbrian herd from Nerewater Farm is in top place in the Friesian rankings for the second year running. The 66 cows yielded 645kg of fat and protein and 8,643kg of milk.

Top Holstein genetic rankings

Leading the Holstein genetic merit rankings for the year ending September 2011 is T H Davis’ herd from Gloucestershire. This herd has a PLI of £101. In second place is the Ludwell’s herd from Devon with a PLI of £98.

All results are available to NMR customers on the NMR website using an individual password available from NMR on 0844 7255567.

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