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High Production with Outcross Bloodlines for Holstein Breeders

Strong demand for outcross bloodlines amongst Holstein breeders sees the launch this week of a new dairy sire which offers fresh variety for their breeding programmes.

Carnewell Donnie Yne

Carnewell Donnie Yne

The bull is Wardle Donnie and he has emerged from the Cogent progeny testing scheme (Visions) with a strong type profile (Type Merit 1.8) together with outstanding milk production (Predicted Transmitting Ability for milk, 572kg).

Other daughter features include moderate stature coupled with body strength (both chest and rump width are wide, with scores of 1.1 and 1.8 respectively). Their robust build translates to good daughter lifespans (Lifespan Index +0.1), while he also scores well for daughter fertility (Fertility Index +1).

Udder conformation is also outstanding, reflected in particular in rear udder height for which he scores an impressive 2.1.

But it is Donnie’s pedigree that is his real attraction, his fifth dam being the famous Castledon Emperor Donfloss 4 EX91 2*, the UK’s highest ever production cow, who gave a remarkable 200 tonnes in her lifetime.

His dam, Wardle Stormatic Donfloss EX91(2), is the most recent star of the family and is following in this tradition with outstanding production and show-wining credentials, and is the fifth generation classified VG or EX.

Like his maternal line, his sire, Far-O-La Debbie-Jo Drake, contains no Shottle or Goldwyn blood, making Donnie a useful outcross in many herds.

“It’s no surprise that Donnie’s daughters are natural milk animals,” says Andy Smith, progeny evaluator for Cogent. “Their width and strength makes them perfect for any commercial dairy operation where plenty of milk and a robust type of animal are required, while outcross bloodlines such as this are keenly sought in many herds.”

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