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Claas Xerion Sets New High Horsepower Standard

Originally announced at Agritechnica 2009, the new XERION 4500 and XERION 5000 have been brought fully to market, and top off the CLAAS High Horsepower tractor range.

Claas Xerion
Claas Xerion

These two completely new XERION models have maximum power outputs of 483hp and 524hp respectively, and join the existing 340hp XERION 3300 and 388hp XERION 3800.

With these four XERION models, plus the new AXION 900 range of tractors, CLAAS now offer one of the most extensive range of high horsepower tractors, which with a unique degree of flexibility and performance, are suitable for a wide range of contracting or farming operations.

As high horsepower arable tractors, like the smaller XERION range, these two new models offer a number of distinct benefits over similar powered articulated or tracked tractors, which make the XERION far more flexible and suitable for all-year round use.

The XERION 5000 and 4500 are the only tractors in this power segment to have a CVT transmission, which will offer users far greater flexibility than the Full Powershift transmissions normally found on tractors this size.

The XERION is also the first tractor this size to have a maximum travel speed of 50kph, and for road and field work the four-equal sized wheel design provides a far greater level of operator comfort and handling than has been seen before in tractors in this horsepower class. Four wheel steering also allows for compact headland turns without scuffing and provides excellent and safe handling on the road.

As with the existing XERION, the new design also allows for a number of weighting options, anything from 13,400kg to 24,000kg, providing the ultimate flexibility depending on individual requirement.

In addition, working in combination with the CVT transmission, the engine management system is designed so that the XERION can be operated at lower engine speeds, so saving fuel.

Optimum ground contact

The XERION 4500 and XERION 5000 feature a completely new design, based around a full frame chassis, from which the major components are suspended. This allows the XERION to absorb far greater weights than a conventional tractor. Where additional weight is required to better balance the tractor, and so improve traction, there is the option to add weights to the front or back, or to the wheels as required.

The four equal sized wheels provide maximum contact area to enable exceptional levels of grip, minimal wheel slip and reduced compaction. The XERION can be fitted with tyres as large as 2160mm diameter (710/75 R42 or 710/85 R38 for example), but still retain an overall width below 3.0 metres. There is also the option of a larger 900/60 R42 tyre, which results in an overall vehicle width of 3.30 metres.

As with the existing XERION range, the new XERION 5000 and 4500 offer six different steering modes, including crab steering in order to ensure soil compaction is kept to a minimum.

Caterpillar power

Both new XERION models are powered by Caterpillar, 12.5 litre engines with charge-air cooling that meets TIER 3 emission standards. This is controlled by a CLAAS designed engine management system to ensure optimum fuel economy and performance.

The XERION features a new air intake system in which air is drawn in through a coarse dirt separator from a grille in the top of the bonnet, with the dirt particles constantly discharged via the cooling fan. On the fan itself, the rotation speed and vane angle are both adjusted automatically to ensure optimum performance and can be reversed for cleaning.

Drive to the two steered axles is through a well proven, heavy duty, ZF Eccom constantly variable transmission (CVT) with a maximum travel speed of 50kph, which is unique at this power level.
24-volt electrics

To handle the electrical demands placed on a tractor of this size, the XERION 5000 and 4500 feature both 12-volt and 24-volt electrical systems.

The benefit of having a 24-volt system fitted to the XERION is that aside from being used to start the engine and power the work lights, this will enable equipment manufacturers to utilise electric motors in place of complex hydraulic systems. This will reduce the number of hydraulic connections needed and so make implement connection to the tractor far simpler, plus it will allow for far greater simplicity and accuracy of operation.

For powered implements, there is the option to specify the new XERIONs with a 1000rpm PTO, which is driven at an engine speed of just 1730rpm, which is far lower than on other comparable sized tractors. This not only helps to lower fuel consumption but has the added benefit of reducing noise levels.

Claas Xerion cab

Claas Xerion cab

Three-fingered Multifunction control

In the cab, all the main operating functions are controlled using the new CMOTION multifunction control lever. This is designed so that all the main functions are operated using just three fingers, and also incorporates a hand rest.

The thumb is used to control functions such as the hydraulics, changes in direction, CSM headland management and GPS steering. The index finger is used for cruise control and two programmable buttons, whilst the middle finger panel incorporates a freely programmable rocker switch for functions such as engine speed or hydraulics.
In addition, the whole lever can be moved forwards/backwards and sideways to change speed and wheel angle, for instance when crab steering.

As on current XERION models, in addition to the option of six possible steering programmes, there are a number of programmable driving modes, including cruise control to maintain a constant forward speed with optimum fuel efficiency.
Each of the two new XERIONs will be available with the option of either a central fixed position cab or the unique rotating cab, which makes the XERION ideal for use with triple mowers or specialist applications, such as forestry equipment.

As standard, the XERION is equipped with a 205 l/min hydraulic circuit operating at up to 200 bar, with flow rates of up to 105 l/min available for each spool valve, and up to six rear spools can be fitted. If required, a Power Hydraulic system with a maximum flow rate of 235 l/min can be fitted for use with equipment such as swan neck slurry tankers.

As with all the main operating systems on the XERION, the electronic linkage on the XERION 4500 and XERION 5000 is easily set-up using CEBIS and operated via the CMOTION control. The rear linkage has a maximum lift capacity of 10 tonnes, whilst the front linkage has an 8.1 tonne capacity.


Both the XERION 5000 and 4500 are ready for use with the full range of CLAAS EASY (Efficient Agriculture Systems) electronic management tools and steering systems, including GPS PILOT, which is controlled using the CEBIS Mobile ISOBUS terminal that has a 6.4in colour screen.

The XERION can also be specified with the CLAAS TELEMATICS performance monitoring system. All aspects of the tractor’s performance, settings and position are automatically uploaded to a web server. Using a computer or any hand-held web-enabled device, this data can be analysed and compared to ensure optimum output, and if need be the tractor can also be accessed by the dealer for remote diagnosis.

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