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Stackyard News Oct 2011

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Longtown Primestock Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 29 prime cattle, 39 over thirty month cattle, 6,031 prime lambs and 8,024 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 20th October, 2011.

A very small show of prime cattle due to standstill restrictions and a shortage of inside fed cattle being ready. Top price to 205.5p for a Limousin heifer from J. & N. Blaylock & Son, Hallburn.

Luing – 185.5p Arkleton.
Limousin – 205.5p Hallburn, 197.5p Sceughdyke.
Charolais – 197.5p Sceughdyke, 191.5p, 187.5p Hallburn, 187.5p Sceughdyke.

More weathered cows on offer saw trade once again good to sell. Charolais cows topped the sale at 145.5p and 144.5p from Messrs Baxter, Moss Side.

Charolais – 145.5p, 144.5p Moss Side, 134.5p Burnside, 123.5p Potholm.
Limousin – 137.5p, 131.5p Whamtown, 124.5p Border Rigg and Burnside, 122.5p Clarghyll, 121.5p Clarghyll, 120.5p Burnside.
Angus – 129.5p Border Rigg.
Shorthorn – 119.5p Minsca.
British Blue – 118.5p Border Rigg, 116.5p The Side.
Friesian – 108.5p Newby Farm.
Charolais – £1,287, £1,257 Moss Side, £895 Potholm.
Limousin – £962 Whamtown.
Shorthorn – £896, £809 Minsca.
Hereford – £819 Minsca.

© Robert Smith Photography & Video

Longtown Mart

A grand show of 6,031 quality lambs sold to the usual ring of buyers with good quality export types in particular demand. The sale averaged a marvellous 177p per kilo, dearest of the week. Top per kilo of 216p for Texels from Messrs Vevers, High Stenries and to a top per head of £102.50 for Texels from Kirkton, others £93.80 Nunscleugh, £90.50 Kirton and Sunnycroft; Suffolk £93.20, £92.20 Tone Hall, £88.80 Priesthaugh; Greyface £88.50 Yewtree Farm, £82.50 North Deanhead, £76.80 Peela Hill; Charollais £86.80 Hallburn, £86.20 Nunscleugh, £82.80 Hallburn; Beltex £83.80 Sorbie, £80 Hillside; North Country Cheviot £80.20 Whiteknowe and Tarnside House, £77.20 Whiteknowe; Cheviot Mule £79.20 Macharioch, £72.80 Priesthaugh and Skelfhill; Blackface £75.20 The Old Police House, £70.80 Pitland Hills, £68.80 The Newton; Hill Cheviot £74.50 Blakehope; Leicester £73.50 Parcelstown, £64.50 Williamston; Dorset £68.80 Guards Farm; Swaledale £56.80, £56.20 Low Rough Hill.

The 1,261 light lambs sold to a top of £68.20 for Texel from Easterfrew, £67.80 Ronachan; Suffolk £65.50 Rosgill Hall, £64.80 Crawfordjohn Mill; North Country Cheviot £62.80 Killean; Blackface £62.50 Haithwaite, £60.20 Syart; Hill Cheviot £60 Whitefield, £57.50 Murraythwaite; Charollais £60 Barend; Greyface £58.80 North Deanhead, £56.50 Craig Farm; Swaledale £56.80 Low Rough Hill, £54.80 Laverhay.

Another massive show of 8,024 cast ewes and rams saw trade faster on the week with Mule ewes and best big heavy ewes and Continental ewes £5 to £6 dearer on the week. Hill ewes remained similar but fat ewes still remain hard to cash.

Top price of £146.50 for Texel Rams from Pirntaton, £143.50 Severs and Fountanbleau; Leicester £133.50 Dale House, £100 Albierigg, £99.50 Stubsgill; Suffolk £123.50 Fontanbleau, £118.50 Geltsdale; North Country Cheviot £108.50 Alton, £106.50 House Farm; Hill Cheviot £104.50 Crossdykes, £89.50 Carlenrigg; Blackface £80.50 Pirnaton and Albierigg, £79.50 Skelfhill and Cowburn; Charollais £78.50 Fontanbleau; Jacob £72.50 Stackbraes; Beltex £72.50 The Wreay; Swaledale £68.50 Williamston; Hebridean £39.50 Killinochonoch Cottage; Manx £36.50 Cordeman.

Heavy ewes to £141.50 for Texels from Roadside, £138.50 Severs, £132.50 Hassendeanburn; Suffolk £124.50, £120.50 Longyester, £119.50 Seavers; Charollais £120.50 Severs, £98.50 Seavers and Severs; Greyface £112.50 Pool, £88.50 Longyester, £87.50 Rottington Hall, £86.50 Camieston; Beltex £110.50 House Farm, £99.50 Stackbraes; Leicester £108.50 Whiteside, £106.50 Parcelstown, £103.50 Alton; Half Bred £102.50 South Mains; Bleu d’Maine £102.50 Severs; Cheviot Mule £99.50 Clackmae, £98.50 Harwood House; North Country Cheviot £95.50 Adderston Shiels, £92.50 West Millhills, £88.50 Midtown; Oxford £90.50 Seavers; Romney Marsh £89.50 Fontanbleau; Wensleydale £77.50 Stackbraes.

Hill ewes to £81.50 for Cheviots from Newbigging, £79.50 Fontanbleau, £77.50 Alton; Lleyn £80.50 Campbelton, £79.50 The Height, £76.50 Campbelton; Blackface £76.50 Albies, £70.50 Whiteside, £69.50 Kirkhouse and North Deanhead; Jacob £67.50 Howard House; Swaledale £59.50 Derwent, £58.50 Denton Mains, £57.50 Dale House, £56.50 Stubsgill; Welsh Mountain £59.50 Relief; Herdwick £59.50 Alton; Kendal Rough £50.50 Stackbraes; Manx £36.50 Cordeman; Shetland £33.50 Stackbraes; Hebridean £28.50 Killinochonoch Cottage.

Goats to £85, £80.50, £72.50 Seavers.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 142.5p (142.5p)
Heavy to 185.5p (167.3p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to 205.5p (186.6p)

Young bulls to -------p (-------p)

Light to 203.0p (171.9p)
Standard to 228.0p (179.6p)
Medium to 219.0p (183.5p)
Heavy to 187.0p (171.9p)
O/weight to 163.0p (154.4p)

Light to £81.50 (£50.50)
Heavy to £141.50 (£80.02)

Cast Rams to £146.50 (£79.97)

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