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Kuhn Farm Machinery at Tillage-Live

Ploughing, stubble cultivation, drilling and spraying will be covered by Kuhn Farm Machinery as the company makes a strong showing at the new Tillage-Live demonstration event taking place near Abingdon, Oxfordshire, on 14th September.

Kuhn’s Multi-Master 182
Kuhn’s Multi-Master 182

On-land in-furrow plough

The flexibility to switch between on-land and in-furrow ploughing will be demonstrated by Kuhn’s Multi-Master 182 at Tillage-Live. Primarily designed for on-land draught straight behind the tractor, this plough can be switched to in-furrow mode by activating an hydraulic valve.

On-land / in-furrow models are available with traction bolt safety (5,6 or 7 furrows) and with non-stop hydraulic auto reset safety (5 or 6 furrows). As with the entire Multi-Master range, furrow widths of 35, 40, 45 and 50 cm are possible by mechanical “multi-bolt” adjustment.

Kuhn’s Optidrive hydro-pneumatic suspension is also standard on all models. This system is built into the headstock and provides protection to both tractor and implement by removing shocks and stresses that would occur during transport and manoeuvres. In addition to providing essential protection, Optidrive also automates the transfer from work to transport positions, removing the need to disconnect the top link.

All Multi-Master 182 ploughs include automatic readjustment of the front furrow width and line-of draft, and hydraulic offsetting of the front furrow, as standard. Under beam clearance is 800mm, and point-to-point (interbody) clearance is 960mm on all models.

Kuhn Cultimer
Kuhn Cultimer
Versatile stubble cultivator

Kuhn will demonstrate the 3 metre model from its Cultimer stubble cultivator range, which now comprises six different working width formats from 3 – 8 metres.

The Cultimer offers soil loosening, levelling and pressing across the full width of the machine in a single pass. It combines three rows of blade tines, a set of levelling discs, and a roller press.

Generous underbeam clearance of 84cm reduces the risk of blockages even when working in high levels of plant residue. The curved form of the tine and deflector ensures intensive mixing of soil and plant residues at a range of working depth settings from 5 – 30cm.

Working depth is adjustable by pins, and setting of the levelling discs and roller is combined, making the overall set up easy and accessible. The T-ring roller, fitted as standard, provides even pressing across the soil surface to encourage germination of weeds and reduce rutting that might otherwise harbour pests such as slugs.

Protection of the frame is enhanced with a double spring facility for each tine leg. This also ensures good penetration helps maintain a constant working depth.

The Cultimer sits alongside Kuhn’s Optimer, Discover disc harrows and Mixter machines in what is now a comprehensive range of stubble cultivation and straw incorporation machinery.

Megant with Quantron S electronic control

Kuhn Megant tine coulter pneumatic seed drill
Kuhn Megant tine coulter pneumatic seed drill
Kuhn’s Megant tine coulter pneumatic seed drill with Quantron S electronics will feature at Tillage-Live, demonstrating versatile high-speed drilling with outstanding control and flexibility.

Seed metering is orchestrated fully electronically, with a forward speed sensor and electric motor replacing a conventional land wheel system. This allows pre-metering in corners and at headlands, and early shut-off at the ends of rows, so overall accuracy and efficiency is greatly enhanced. Quantron S also allows seed rate adjustment on the move, and infinite seed rates within the machine’s range.

The Megant is suitable for minimum cultivation or for rapid sowing in heavy and rocky soil. It incorporates a patented tine-fixing design that ensures good penetration and a constant seeding depth. When it meets a large obstacle, the tine has a vertical clearance of almost 20cm, and tine placement in 4 rows makes drilling easier even where there is heavy plant residue.

The 4.8 metre model will be on show, representing a range that includes six working widths from 4 – 6 metres (4.0, 4.5, 4.8, 5.0, 5.6, and 6.0). The Megant uses the highly successful Venta metering system with a 1700 litre hopper as standard.

Kuhn Speedliner 4000
Kuhn Speedliner 4000
Versatile minimum tillage drill

A trailed four metre model will represent Kuhn’s versatile Speedliner range at Tillage-Live.

This drill incorporates Kuhn’s Seedflex disc coulter technology, which is key to the machine’s rapid and economical drilling and capability of working on ploughed land, minimal cultivated land, or as a direct drill on well-drained soils.

The Speedliner is available in 3, 4 and 6 metre formats, with the 4 and 6 metre machines being hydraulically foldable to 3 metres.

In the minimum tillage format, soil is worked with two rows of curved and offset discs and then pressed with a large diameter tyre roller. Double disc seeding units are mounted on a parallelogram arrangement, and pressure is adjustable from 20 to 70kg.

Kuhn Oceanis trailed sprayer
Kuhn Oceanis trailed sprayer
Seed distribution is based on Kuhn’s established Venta pneumatic system, and the hopper is mounted sideways for improved visibility. The seeding unit is hitched through a category III 3-point hitch for rapid release.

Trailed sprayer demonstration

Kuhn will demonstrate the Oceanis trailed sprayer with 36 metre boom at Tillage-Live. With tank size options from 4,500 litres up to 7,700 litres, and boom widths from 24 – 38 metres, the Oceanis leads the Kuhn trailed sprayer range. Key features include a suspended axle, hydraulic brakes, suspended boom parallelogram and the Equilibria boom suspension system.


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