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Stackyard News Aug 2011

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Longtown Primestock Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 57 prime cattle, 35 over thirty month cattle, 5,828 prime lambs and 4,272 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 18th August, 2011.

A smaller show of 57 prime cattle with well fleshed inside fed cattle sought after throughout, peaking at 214.5p was a Limousin bullock from J. Retson & Son, Gardrum. Topping in the heifers was a Limousin from W.H. & D.A. Gass, Nunscleugh, selling to 212.5p and purchased by W. Kirkup & Sons, Butcher, Longtown.
Limousin – 214.5p Gardrum, 212.5p Upper Tinwald, 203.5p Gardrum and The Gill, 195.5p (x2) The Gill.
British Blue – 212.5p Upper Tinwald, 211.5p Gardrum.
Charolais – 196.5p, 194.5p, 191.5p (x2), 189.5p, 186.5p (x2) Blackwell Hall.
Blonde d’Aquitaine – 189.5p Hallburn.
Saler– 185.5p Hallburn.
Limousin – 212.5p Nunscleugh, 191.5p, 187.5p, 186.5p, 185.5p Townfoot.
British Blue – 208.5p Sandbed.

Limousin – £1,402 Upper Tinwald, £1,344 Blackwell Hall, £1,322 Gardrum, £1,314, £1,311 Hallees, £1,300 The Gill.
Charolais – £1,370, £1,346, £1,326 Blackwell Hall, £1,322 Sceughdyke, £1,321, £1,311, £1,306, £1,303 Blackwell Hall.
British Blue – £1,360 Upper Tinwald, £1,247 Gardrum.
British Blue - £1,271 Sandbed
Limousin - £1,147 Nunscleugh, £1,146 Townfoot, £990 Sandbed, £988 Low Hallburn.
Charolais – £1,118, £1,079 Sceughdyke, £874 Townfoot.
Devon – £1,005 Low Hallburn.

Over Thirty Month Cattle were an improved show for qualtity and met a brisk trade with Limousin cows to 149.5p from W. Tinning, Mossband House.
Limousin – 149.5p Mossband House, 145.5p Nunscleugh, 139.5p Gallowberry and Dodgsonstown, 128.5p The Park Farm, 120.5p Gallowberry.
British Blue – 135.5p Sceughdyke, 133.5p Gallowberry, 129.5p, 123.5p Albierigg.
Friesian – 144.5p Dockray Hall, 125.5p Down by Rigg, 110.5p Dockray Hall
Highland – 130.5p, 117.5p Walby Grange.
British Blue – £1,158 Sceughdyke, £854 Gallowberry.
Limousin – £1,018 Nunscleugh, £989 The Park Farm, £983 Dodgsonstown, £964 Mossband House.
Friesian – £953 Down by Rigg.

© Robert Smith Photography & Video

Longtown Mart

A large show of prime lambs were of good quality, all classes met another rise in trade to average 182p. Overall a rise of 4p up on last weeks high rates with best Continentals selling between £2 and £2.20 per kilo. Top price per kilo of 228p for Texels from A.R. Bell, Kirkton.
Heavy lambs were also good to sell with many pens over £90 and to a top of £96.50 for Texels from Newbigging.
Other Texels £95.50 Burnside and Mossband House, £94.50 Low Longthwaite; Beltex £94.50 Aspatria Hall, £92.50 Newbigging; Suffolk £91.80 Oswie, £89.80 Kilnfordcroft and Boreland, £89 Sceughdyke and North House; Greyface £91.50 Aspatria Hall, £77.50, £75.50 Kellah, £73.20 Harden; Charollais £80.20 Hallburn and Aldery Terrace, £79.20 High Wreay; Blackface £76.20 Allensgreen, £71.80 Kellah, £69.20 Edges Green; Leicester £75.50 Kellah; Cheviot Mule £74.80 High Moat, £73.20 Granton, £72.80 Sorbietrees; Half Bred £73.80 Earlside and Adderston Shields; Oxford £63.50 Guards.

The 892 lightweight lambs met a strong demand with most breeds 180p to 200p per kilo with a top of 229p per kilo for Texels from W. Skilling, Cara View. Top per head of £69.80 for Texels from Meadowview, £68.20 Nether Albie; Jacob £67.20 Newholme; Blackface £65.20, £64.20 Milnmark; Greyface £64.20, £62.20 Fordlands; Suffolk £63.80 Castlecreavie; Dorset £63.50 Newington; Lleyn £60 Craighousesteads; Charollais £58 Auchencorvie; Hill Cheviot £56.80 Low Dubwath; Swaledale £55 Burn House.

A much larger show of cast ewes and rams was forward, more buyers operating and trade was much sharper on the week. Top was £156 for Texel rams from Severs, others £147 Brocklerigg, £146 Forss; Charollais £147.50 Brackenthwaite, £143 Church Street; Hill Cheviot £142 Granton, £139 Newbigging; Leicester £133 Boreland, £100 Stonehall; Suffolk £116 Staffler, £92 Castlecreavie; Zwartbles £116 Southview; Lleyn £113 Church Streeet; Blackface £105 Sorbie, £97 Milnmark and Beamwham; Beltex £103 Newbigging, £83 Stackbraes; Dorset £88 Severs; Swaledale £53 Newbiggin. Heavy ewes to £143 for Texels from Muirhouse, £139 Aspatria Hall and Severs, £137 Newbigging; Bleu d’Maine £133 Severs; Suffolk £129 Marygate, £121 Mossilee and Severs, £117 Philiphaugh; Leicester £119 Easter Dawyck, £118 Highside, £117 Sanders Close; North Country Cheviot £113 Carruthers, £111 Adderston Shiels, £107 East Murkle and Carruthers; Beltex £113 Newbigging, £103 Aspatria Hall; Charollais £107, £104.50 Severs; Cheviot Mule £111 Newbigging, £97 Gilston, £93 North House; Greyface £99 High Tirfergus, £91.50 Church Street, £90.50 Cleahall; Half Bred £98.50 Newbigging, £97.50 Hoddomtown. Hill ewes to £85 for Cheviots from Terrona and Granton, £83 Haithwaite, £82.50 Severs; Lonk £83 Bush of Ewes; Lleyn £77 Stackbraes, £69 Lustruther; Blackface £74.50 Milnmark, £73 Allensgreen, £71 Evistones; Swaleldale £71.50 Roachburn and Minsca, £71 Sanders Close, £68.50 Woodhouse, Gapshield, Stubsgill and Beamwham; Herdwick £57 Butterdales, £46.50 Haithwaite;

Goats to £59 Southwaite Green Mill.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 163.5p (152.2p)
Heavy to 214.5p (189.4p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 187.5p (167.8p)
Heavy to 212.5p (180.3p)

Light to 229.0p (188.7p)
Standard to 209.0p (183.6p)
Medium to 228.0p (180.6p)
Heavy to 203.0p (174.4p)
O/weight to 167.0p (161.9p)

Light to £85.00 (£55.72)
Heavy to £143.00 (£85.96)

Cast Rams to £156.00(£101.60)

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