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Stackyard News Aug 2011

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Exceptional Type Bulls and New Outcross Bloodlines

Two exceptionally high type bulls have become available to UK dairy farmers, which both have the backing of deep pedigrees and the further benefit that their moderate-height daughters could fit into any dairy farming environment.

202HO Beagle Bele

202HO Beagle Bele

The bulls, named Regel Elegant Beagle and Jauquet-Lang Surprise, have Type Merits of 3.08 and 2.55 respectively, and both transmit the width through the chest and rump which give their daughters the strength to cope. As a consequence, both bulls have high lifespan scores, reflecting their daughters’ long life expectancy and ability to last the course.

Beagle: Three points for type and outcross pedigree

As a new top 10 type bull in the UK, Beagle is particularly unusual in being the only bull with three points for type but without Goldwyn or Sam in his pedigree. This heightens his appeal to those breeders who have heavily used these bloodlines and are seeking to improve their herd’s conformation through another route. And as an Elegant x Stormatic x Bellwood x Rudolph x Lindy x Aerostar, Beagle provides an excellent outcross opportunity for most of the bloodlines in widespread use today.

Further benefits include his exceptional daughter Fertility Index, outstanding udder conformation and very good milk production, which all come together in a Profitable Lifetime Index (PLI) of £127.

Surprise: More depth of pedigree and milk quality improver

An even greater depth of pedigree lies behind Shottle son, Surprise, who descends from three generations of Excellent classified dams and is a grandson of the renowned Shoremar S Alicia EX97.

Out of an EX92 Durham-sired dam who gave over 18,000kg of milk at 5.0% fat in her second lactation, Surprise’s proof reflects this high milk quality, with an impressive PTA (Predicted Transmitting Ability) of +0.22% for fat.

But perhaps the most remarkable feature of Surprise’s proof is his exceptionally low cell count score, which at -27 is one of the best in the Holstein breed. Meanwhile, overall good health and fitness earn him a PLI of £128.

In fact, such has been the confidence in his pedigree that Surprise was used as a ‘Super Sampler’ in his native USA, where his stud, Select Sires, obtained an unusually reliable first crop proof based on over 300 daughters in over 150 herds.

“These bulls both transmit the sort of strength that modern UK dairy farmers are seeking,” says Alison Lovell from Dairy Daughters who market the bulls. “Neither of them is extreme for stature, with scores of 1.22 and 1.63 respectively, and neither is particularly angular.

“Their daughters will undoubtedly bring strength and hard-wear, but they will also boost a herd’s classification with their high type credentials.

“And in accordance with Dairy Daughters’ founding principles, we are passing our production efficiencies on to our customers by charging reasonable prices for this calibre of bull, at £24 for Beagle and £16 for Surprise, with discounts for quantity.”

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