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Stackyard News Aug 2011

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Cogent Graduates Demonstrate High Calibre of UK-Tested Bulls in August Proofs 2011-08-11

Cogent Breeding continues to fly the flag for British genetics in this week's August bull proofs as three graduates of its Visions Young Sire Breeding Programme ranked in the top five UK-tested Holstein bulls for PLI.

Broomhouse Tiergan Diva 2722

Broomhouse Tiergan Diva 2722

Demonstrating the high calibre of UK bulls, the Visions-tested sires continued to reaffirm Cogent Breeding as the dairy farmers' choice for bulls that transmit health, fitness, type, milk and components.

Exceptional new release Ballycairn Tiergan EX91 has performed extremely well, emerging as the number one UK bull for PLI at £220 and the highest ranking bull in the world with no Oman blood in his pedigree.

Other highlights include Cogent Twist EX92, Hydaways Goldmine EX91 and Woodmarsh Metalic EX96 who continued to build on their strong performance in previous proofs by making significant improvements in PLI, milk and components.

New release, Goldwyn son Ballycairn Tiergan EX91, has already outranked his sire in the latest figures and has proven himself as a bull ideally suited to any breeder looking for functional, hardworking cows. He makes his debut as one of the highest fat (+0.21%) and protein (+0.07%) Holstein bulls to be seen in many years and transmits outstanding PLI (£220) and great health and fitness traits (+0.2 lifespan, +2.2 fertility, -11 SCC), combined with outstanding type (+2.0) and easy calving (+0.9). With 90% reliability, this powerful bull out of Ballycairn Garter Tinnie VG87, bred by W. & A. McCollum in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, is a truly international sire of sons. He is producing deep-bodied daughters with ideal legs and feet (+2.1 for locomotion), excellent depth and openness to the rib and tremendous rear udders with excellent texture and veination. Tiergan also exhibits strength and width through the chest and rump, with extremely low angularity - all traits which are unique for a Goldwyn son.

With his second crop of daughters being born and excellent feedback from farmers, Cogent Twist EX92 continues his success as the highest ranking PLI Shottle son. He saw an increase of +36kg for milk to +593kg with high scores for fat (+0.14%) and protein (+0.04%), combined with low cell counts (-10), solid type and positive daughter lifespans - reflecting exceptional all round production performance and type suitable for profit-driven dairy farmers. Many of Twist's first crop of daughters have finished their first lactation and are proving themselves as powerhouse cows with exceptional milk, strength, condition and components. One heifer in particular, Boyesland Twist Anne VG85 gave 12,832kg at 4.67% fat and 3.14% protein in her first 305-day lactation.

Alongside Tiergan, Hydaways Goldmine EX91 is one of the strongest and most robust Goldwyn sons and is Cogent's highest PLI climber with an increase from £128 to £161. His milk scores have also risen considerably to 626kg. Goldmine has continued to deliver excellent scores for all health traits, including +0.3 lifespan, -18 cell counts and +2.1 fertility and with a consistent +0.6 for easy calving, transmits fantastic management traits. As a well proven bull, Goldmine offers 93% reliability.

The farmer's choice, popular Titanic son Woodmarsh Metalic EX96, has boosted his PLI in the latest proofs to £135 and has demonstrated exceptional health and fitness scores (-21 somatic cell count, +0.1 lifespan). Many of Metalic's first crop daughters have just completed their second lactation and got in-calf extremely well, helping to boost his fertility index to +4.4. Metalic's dam, Woodmarsh Mtoto Melody 7 EX90 is an outstanding animal, having just completed 130 tonnes of milk. With many daughters on the ground, Metalic holds a strong proof with 94% reliability.

Commenting on the new bull proofs, Hugh Pocock, UK sales and genetics manager at Cogent Breeding, said:

"The latest bull proofs once again provide independent evidence of the strength of our Visions testing programme, reaffirming its accuracy and reliability to help UK dairy farmers to boost their breeding programmes. With many of our proven bulls continuing to perform exceptionally well in the rankings, in particular our new release star Ballycairn Tiergan EX91, these bulls all have the type, production, health and fitness traits to suit all dairy farming systems."

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