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Stackyard News Feb 2011

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Longtown Primestock Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 46 prime cattle, 24 over thirty month cattle, 5,743 prime hoggs and 5,936 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 3rd February, 2011.

Prime cattle – well bred handy weight heifers met another brisk trade, selling to a top of 177.5p for a British Blue heifer from A. & W.J. Taylor & Son, Dashwellgreen, purchased by J.A. Jewitt Wholesale Butchers, others from the same home 167.5p; Limousin 176.5p Dashwell Green, 171.5p Houghton House, 169.5p Dashwellgreen, 167.5p Hallburn; Simmental 173.5p Hallburn; Charolais 171.5p Houghton House, 165.5p Hallburn, 162.5p Upper Mains. Limousin bullocks to 174.5p from Messrs J.F. & S.J. MacDonald, Ladyhousesteads, others 168.5p, 162.5p Haining House; British Blue 162.5p The Gill. Top per head for bullocks of £1,161.88 for British Blue from The Gill; Limousin £1,153.75 Haining House, £1,148.40 The Gill. Charolais heifers to £1,096.88 from Upper Mains, £1,037.58 Houghton House; Limousin £1,029 Houghton House, £926.63 Dashwell Green; British Blue £994, £954.75 Dashwell Green.

A smaller, plainer show of OTMS was met by keen bidding which ensure a brisk trade was had throughout. Angus cows to 131.5p (£782.43) from Messrs Tinning, Burnfoot on Esk, others 97.5p (£736.13) from the same home; Limousin 113.5p (£754.78) Shaw of Dryfe, 101.5p (£710.50) Burnfoot on Esk, 97.5p Knarr Farm; Friesian 103.5p (£859.05) Evertown; British Blue 91.5p Sceughdyke, 84.5p Swaites; Charolais 98.5p Blindhillbush. Bulls to 108.5p (£884.28) for British Blue from Monk Farm; Limousin 103.5p Shaw Cottage South. Limousin bullocks to 113.5p Ladyhousesteads.

© Robert Smith Photography & Video

Longtown Mart

An excellent show of 5,743 prime hoggs sold to the usual ring of buyers. Hoggs met a similar trade averaging 177.8p overall and SQQ (32-45kg) 180.8p per kilo. Export weight (32-42kg) and light weight hoggs were still short of requirements. The sale was topped at 257p per kilo for Beltex from Newton and to £102.50 per head for Texels from Eskdale Street, others £97.50 Catslackburn and Stackbraes, £96.50 Stackbraes; Beltex £97.80 Newton, £92.50, £90 Tercrosset; Suffolk £97.80 Stackbraes, £93.50 Barend, £89.50 Duns House; Charollais £88.50 Newton Cottage, £86.50 Moss Side; North Country Cheviot £86.50 Potholm, £82.80 Townhead of Greenlaw, £81.80 Catslackburn; Greyface £84.50 Ashkirk Town, £81.20 Jacksonrigg, £80.50 Williamston; Hill Cheviot £84.20, £81.20 Becks, £79.80 Potholm; Leicester £83.80 Midtodhills, £73.80 Scarrowmanwick; Half Bred £78.20, £73.80 Adderston Shiels; Blackface £76.80 Corsebank, £74.80 Duns House, £74.20 Catslackburn and Kilbride; Cheviot Mule £71.80 Allanshaws, £70.80 Granton, £69.80 Tarrasfoot; Swaledale £65.80 Westernburnhope, £62.50 Gallowberry.

The 1,053 lightweight hoggs sold to £71.80 and £67.80 for Texels from Cumcrook, £66.50 Cleamire; Suffolk £68.20 Blingery; Blackface £64.20 Sceughdyke, £62.80 The Brigg; Hill Cheviot £64.20 Blingery, £62.80 Chapel; Greyface £63.50 Marygate, £61.80 North Deanhead; Lleyn £59.80 Rerrick Park; Swaledale £52.20 Williamston.

Also forward was a monsterous show of 5,936 cast ewes and rams. Ewes were £5 - £6 sharper on the week for all classes and were keenly sought after. The sale was topped at £134.50 for Texel ewes from Tercrosset and Roadside, others £131.50 Allanshaws, Severs and Nether Stenries, £128.50 East Kirk and Roadside; Suffolk £129.50 Roadside, £120.50 Linton House, £118.50 East Cliff; Charollais £124.50, £120.50 Roadside, £118.50 Severs; Beltex £122.50 Newbigging, £94.50 Stackbraes; North Country Cheviot £108.50 Allanshaws, £103.50 No 2 West Whatten, £99.50 Allanshaws; Rouge £108.50 Middle Farm; Leicester £104.50 Midtodhills, £102.50 Stackbraes, £102.50, £98.50 Quarry House; Cheviot Mule £96.50 Allfornaught, £94.50 Muircleugh, £90.50 Shawhill; Half Bred £94.50 Linton House, £92.50 Bluebell, £90.50 Broomhill Bank; Greyface £89.50 Roadside, £86.50 Allfornaught, £81.50 Cowburnrigg, £80.50 Stubsgill; Dorset £85.50 Stackbraes, £59.50 Dunnabie; Zwartbles £84.50 Broom Isle. Hill ewes to £83.50 for Blackfaces from Quarry House, £80.50, £78.50 Haswell Moor Farm, £75.50 Dunns House, Whiteside and Quarry House; Lleyn £79.50, £75.50 Newbigging; Hill Cheviot £75.50 Allfornaught, £74.50 Woodfoot, £72.50 Alton; Swaledale £66.50 Coldshield and Temon, £65.50 Midtodhills, £63.50 Barnshangan, £61.50 Derwent Dale; Shetland £36.50 Forsie. Rams to £132.50 for Texels from Muircleugh, others £128.50 Linton House, £126.50 Peela Hill; Beltex £126.50 Stubsgill, £118.50 Pearsby Hall, £88.50 Crawthat; Charollais £110.50 Severs and Roadside, £86.50 Newbank; North Country Cheviot £108.50 Allanshaws, £98.50 Carruthers; Leicester £104.50 Farmers Close, £99.50 Quarry House, £96.50 Winshield, Suffolk £103.50 Severs, £98.50 Winshield, £90.50 Archerbeck; Blackface £95, £80 Smyllum, £79.50 Crowhall, £76.50 Dunns House; Hill Cheviot £88.50 Upper Hindhope, £84.50 Kelsocleugh, £78.50 North House and Sorbie; Lleyn £86.50 Newbiggin; Swaledale £76.50 Howburn, £56.50 Coldshield; Zwartbles £74.50 Sloda Hill

Goats to £88.50 Midtodhills.



Light to 117.5p (171.5p)
Medium to 174.5p (174.5p)
Heavy to 168.5p (152.9p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 162.5p (148.2p)
Heavy to 177.5p (155.4p)

Light to 229.0p (174.9p)
Standard to 257.0p (182.7p)
Medium to 234.0p (179.1p)
Heavy to 197.0p (169.1p)
O/weight to -------p (-------p)

Light to £83.50 (£57.92)
Heavy to £134.50 (£83.17)

Cast Rams to £132.50(£82.56)

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