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John Deere Tractor Breaks Four Fuel Records

John Deere's 2010 model year 8R Series tractors have continued to break fuel efficiency records for large row-crop tractors at the Nebraska Tractor Test Lab (NTTL) in the US, with leading fuel economy results in four out of the five tests that most closely represent how these tractors are used in the field.


John Deere 8295R

John Deere 8295R

In autumn 2009, a John Deere 8320R broke the 8430 model’s record as the most fuel efficient row-crop tractor ever tested in the rated engine speed pto test. The remaining 8R and 8RT models introduced for 2010 were recently assessed and a second 8R Series model, the 8295R, has set a new fuel efficiency record of 225g/kWh in the same pto test, beating the 8320R's figure of 228g/kWh.

These results clearly prove that John Deere is an established leader in fuel efficiency, and that the cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) approach to meeting the new Stage IIIB/interim Tier4 emission regulations can deliver excellent fuel economy, without the hassle and additional expense of the second fluid required for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems.

There are numerous tests in the NTTL reports that measure a tractor's fuel efficiency. John Deere has found that the following tests most closely represent how large row-crop tractors are most commonly used in the field:

• Rated engine speed pto
• Maximum power at the drawbar
• 75 per cent of pull at reduced engine speed
• 75 per cent of pull at maximum power

In addition to the rated engine speed pto test, the 8295R also set NTTL records as the most fuel efficient large row-crop tractor in the drawbar tests for maximum power, 75 per cent of pull at reduced engine speed and 50 per cent of pull at reduced engine speed. It also came within 5g/kWh of the leader of the test at 75 per cent of pull at maximum power.

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