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Horsch Showcases New Cultivation Equipment at LAMMA 2011

Horsch is expanding its UK product range and its latest cultivation models, such as the Tiger and Joker, will be displayed for the first time in the UK alongside its more familiar Terrano FX cultivators and Pronto and Sprinter drilling equipment at the company’s LAMMA show stand.


Tiger MT

Horsch Tiger MT

While the company’s Express 3 TD was shown as pre-production model at Cereals 2010, the cultivation equipment has not been seen before and marks the start of Horsch’s wider product offering.

Tiger AS, LT and MT

The Tiger range comprises three cultivators; the four-bar cultivator Tiger AS, the three-bar designed Tiger LT and the Tiger MT, a combination of disc harrow and cultivator. All Tiger models feature precision levelling discs, a large tyre packing system and the new TerraGrip 2 shank.

The TerraGrip 2 shank was redesigned for the specific requirements of the Tiger range and allows a frame height of 85cm, a trip height of 30cm and a trip force of 500kg, to reduce damaging forces on frame and points. The width of the main frame cross section is 120mm and the pivot pin diameter has been enlarged to 35mm to give extraordinary performance and very little wear.

The Tiger AS has been designed for strength and performance and with working depths up to 35cm, the it is a serious alternative to ploughing. The draft requirement is between 45hp to 80hp per metre working width.

The three-bar Tiger LT is the smaller sibling of the AS. It benefits from the same strong frame design and the new TerraGrip 2. The tine spacing is increased from 20cm to 30cm. This in combination with the tree-bar design reduces the draft requirement to about 40hp per metre working width at working depths between 5cm and 35cm. The Tiger LT is available in 6mand 8m working widths.

The Tiger MT has a four-bar design identical to the Tiger AS but with the first two rows equipped with large discs. Designed to perform well in conditions with long straw and difficult residues, such as corn stubble, it incorporates evenly without blockage. The 68cm discs cut through and intensively mix in residues and are followed by two rows of TerraGrip 2 shanks with a tine spacing of 46cm for a deeper cultivation up to 35cm working depth. On the Tiger MT, the TerraGrip 2 shanks are fitted with a hydraulic rest system enabling a trip force of 800kg for deeper working.

Joker CT

Horsch Joker CT
Joker CT and RT

The compact disc Joker is best suited for shallow stubble cultivation, stimulating the germination of weeds, breaking capillary, incorporating straw and residues and shallow seedbed preparation.

The Joker CT features a three-point linkage mounted machine with working widths of 3m to 6m ensure high performance with working speeds of about 20mph, with the quality of performance increasing with higher speeds. Low draft requirements of 100hp for 4m and 150hp for 6m working widths allow the Joker CT to be operated by mid-range tractors.

The Joker uses small, quick rotating, serrated discs to produce lots of fine soil in the germination zone and performs well with large quantities of straw, manure or cover crops. The rubber suspension allows for good contour following and functions as a trip release system.

The Joker can be equipped with four different packer options, each optimised for different conditions. The RollFlex system performs well in stony conditions, while the heavier DoubleDisc system offer intensive consolidation. The FarmFlex packing system consolidates the whole soil surface, has little draft requirement and is good in wetter soils.

The Joker RT range of trailed machines is available in 6m to 12m widths and benefits from the same features as the mounted CT range.


The Terrano FX is a compact 3-bar cultivator with a wide range of uses from shallow stubble cultivation or intensive soil cultivation and mixes perfectly in all depths between 5 and 30 cm. The low power requirement means the Terrano can easily be pulled by smaller machines, and a DLG Focus text in Germany showed required up to 20% less diesel than its peers.

Available with either a 3-point attachment or separate chassis, the frame construction of the Terrano 5 FX allows it to be used with a wide range of tractors. It also features the latest TerraGrip 2 tines.

More information on the company and its products can be found at

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