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McCormick T-Max and Better Spec Loaders at LAMMA 2011

Farmers viewing the McCormick exhibits on the AgriArgo UK stand at LAMMA 2011 will have their first chance to ‘check the spec’ on the latest LiftMaster loaders incorporating additional standard features to make them easier to use, and the latest newcomer to the McCormick tractor range – the 92hp T100-Max.


Added refinements to McCormick LiftMaster loaders like this 1500kg/3.87m I-30H model with hydraulic self-levelling include float and a bucket level gauge as standard. New bull bars protect the front of the tractor.

McCormick LiftMaster loader

The McCormick LiftMaster loaders range offers a big choice of models, capacities and lift heights to suit all tractors and applications. At LAMMA 2011, new features will be on show that help make them more productive and easier to use.

A new main oil distribution valve provides a ‘float’ feature for the first time. This is useful when running a fork or bucket along a hard surface because it allows the loader arms to rise and fall and the attachment to follow any dips and bumps without digging in.

An attachment level indicator rod is now included as standard to help operators set a fork or bucket at the correct angle for digging into a stockpile of manure, silage or grain.

Upright ‘bull bars’ now protect the front of the tractor from accidental damage when filling a high-sided spreader or trailer. As with the mounting frame itself, which extends to the back axle to spread loads and stresses, the bull bars are designed to avoid getting in the way of any service items on the tractor.

The McCormick T100-Max is a fourth option in the McCormick range for farmers wanting a 92hp all-purpose tractor for loader and general duties on mixed and arable farms, livestock and field vegetable units.

With a new transmission and back axle assembly installed, the T100-Max scores over the simpler C100-Max and CX100 LP Synchro in having more transmission speeds, a power shuttle, hydraulic control of the pto and front axle drive engagement.

It also has a telescopic pick-up hitch; and while manual control of the implement lift matches the system used on the C100-Max, draft sensing is through the lower links.

“The T100-Max comes with a 36x12 speed transmission with power shuttle and three-speed powershift,” notes McCormick product specialist, Paul Wade. “It joins the existing C-Max and CX models to give farmers a four-way choice of 92hp tractors in the McCormick range to meet their particular requirements.”

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