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Stackyard News Jan 2011

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Longtown Primestock Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 43 prime cattle, 4 young bulls, 30 over thirty month cattle, 3,645 prime hoggs and 5,297 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 6th January, 2011.

Prime cattle were met with another brisk trade. Top price of 187.5p and 185.5p for British Blue heifers from G.P. & E.A. Coates, Beckhall Farm, others 180.5p Toppin Castle; Limousin 184.5p Toppin Castle, 176.5p Houghton House, 175.5p Hallburn, 172.5p, 171.5p Toppin Castle, 169.5p Smallholms, 167.5p Brydekirk Mains; Simmental 174.5p Hallburn; Charolais 174.5p Sceughdyke, 173.5p Hallburn, 160.5p, 157.5p Smallholms. Limousin bullocks to 173.5p, 171.5p, 170.5p and 169.5p Dashwell Green, 169.5p Haining House, 165.5p Dashwell Green. Top price per head of £1,254 for Limousin from Haining House, others £1,227 Dashwell Green, £1,218 Sceughdyke, £1,205 Haining House, £1,203, £1,175 Dashwell Green. British Blue heifers to £1,125 Beckhall, £1,046 Toppin Castle, £1,001 Beckhall; Limousin £1,107 Toppin Castle, £1,017 Hallburn, £1,007 Newtown, £1,003 Houghton House; Charolais £1,020 Sceughdyke, £1,006 Hallburn.

Young bulls sold to 147.5p for British Blue x Friesian from Harelawhole who sold Limousin x Friesian at 142.5p & 139.5p and Friesian at 131.5p.

A bigger show of Over Thirty Month Cattle was forward and met a fast trade, more numbers required and would be to vendors advantage. Top price of 140.5p for a Limousin bullock from L.E. Grice & Son, Newtown Farm. Limousin heifers to 131.5p Newby Farm. Cows to 129.5p for Limousin from Whamtown, 111.5p Campingholm and Catslackburn; British Blue 128.5p Greensburn; Charolais 119.5p Catslackburn; Friesian 108.5p Horsegills, 94.5p Glenzier Gardens, 91.5p Newby Farm, 85.5p The Stubb; Simmental 104.5p Horsegills, 99.5p Commonside; Shorthorn 94.5p Minsca, 89.5p Catslackburn; Irish Moil 92.5p, 86.5p Allalea. Bulls to 105.5p for Limousin from Slealands; Shorthorn 93.5p Minsca. Top per head of £971 for Limousin cow from Whamtown, £802 Campingholm; Charolais £944 Catslackburn; Simmental £809 Horsegills, £686 Commonside; British Blue £803 Greensburn; Friesian £802 Horsegills, £604 Glenzier Gardens; Shorthorn £718 Minsca. Limousin bullocks £969 Newtown. Limousin heifers £920 Newby. Limousin bulls to £928 Slealands; Shorthorn £850 Minsca.

Longtown Mart

A smaller show of 3,645 prime hoggs were forward, with numbers of export weight (36kg to 42kg) lambs short of requirements. The sale average was 170.6p overall with SQQ (35kg to 45 kg) at 173.4p per kilo. The sale was topped at 236p per kilo for Beltex hoggs from Messrs Harker, Lanehead. Top price per head of £104.50 for Texels from Four o Boot, others £103.50 Huntingdon, £93.50 Shieldhill, £93.20 Kirkbarrow Hall; Beltex £97.50 Whitehill Cottage, £92.50 Newbigging; North Country Cheviot £91.50 Allanshaws, £87.80, £83.80 Allanshaws; Bleu d’Maine £89.20 Branxholm Town; Suffolk £88.50 Guards Mill, £87.80 Lowes Fell and Shankbridge End; Charollais £82.80 Hallburn, £81.50 Shield Green; Leicester £80.50 The Park Farm, £79.80 Lowes Fell; Blackface £77.80 Newbigging, £74.20, £73.80 Sorbie; Greyface £75.80 Lyneholm, £74.80 Broomhouse; Half Bred £76.50 High Moat; Welsh Mountain £74.80 Tarnside House; Hill Cheviot £72.80, £69.80 Sorbie, £69.80 Milnholm; Kerry £70.80 Riggshield; Lleyn £69.80 South Bowerhouses; Swaledale £67.80 Hammershields, £65.80 Greystoke Castle.
The 552 lightweight hoggs sold to a top of £68.50 for Beltex from Rockcliffe Cross; Texel £64.80 Oaktree Drive; Blackface £63.20 Riskinhope, £59.80 Craig Farm; £58.80 Cross House; Charollais £61.80 Coshogle; Suffolk £59.80 Netherton; Hill Cheviot £59.80 Glendinning; Roussin £56.80 Debog; Greyface £56.20 Brantwood; Swaledale £55.20 Greystoke Castle; Herdwick £44.50 Tarnside House.
Also forward was another large entry of 5,297 cast ewes and rams. Trade remained buoyant for small and hill ewes and also large lean selling ewes. Mules were £2 to £3 easier, but many heavy ewes were far too fat for the majority of customers. The sale was topped at £128.50 for heavy Texel ewes from Messrs McGimpsey, Thorns, others £126.50 Townfoot (Goldie), £118.50 Thorns, £116.50 Four o Boot; Suffolk £113.50, £106.50 Lesson Hall, £104.50 Allanshaws; Beltex £106.50 Whitehill, £86.50 Hillside; Leicester £100.50, £96.50 Quarry House, £92.50 Stackbraes, £90.50 Thorns; North Country Cheviot £99.50, £90.50 Allanshaws, £89.50 Severs, £88.50, £86.50 High Moat; Charollais £98.50 Severs, £88.50 Roadside; Greyface £97.50 Thorns, £79.50 Quarry House, £76.50 Shaw of Dryfe, Mossburnford and Allfornaught, £75.50 Brownchesters, Allfornaught and Quarry House; Half Bred £86.50 Newbigging, £78.50 Cardew Hall; Cheviot Mule £82.50 Mossburnford; Milk Sheep £78.50 Beech House. Hill ewes to £86.50 for Lleyn from Priorsford, others £78.50 Westhills, £77.50 Hunderlee; Blackface £79.50, £74.50 Quarry House, £72.50 Stackbraes, £70.50 Quarry House, £69.50 Allensgreen; Kendal Rough £76.50 Westhills; Swaledale £66.50 Merry Knowe, £59.50 Toft House and Quarry House, £55.50 Nunscleugh; Hill Cheviot £63.50 Newbigging, £57.50 Bloch, £56.50 Linhope and Brydekirk Mains; Herdwick £43.50 Becklees, £41.50 Kelmore Hills. Rams to £113.50 for Leicester from Allensgreen, others £98.50 Greystoke Castle, £92.50 Allanshaws; Texel £110.50 Four o Boot, £108.50 Jerriestown, £106.50 High Dubwath; North Country Cheviot £108.50 Allanshaws, £74.50 Sorbietrees; Charollais £106.50 Severs; Suffolk £92.50 Uppercleuch, £89.50 Abbeymoss; Hill Cheviot £88.50 Kilbride, £78.50 Bloch; Blackface £85.50 Horseholme and The Hott, £76.50 Uppercleuch; Meatlinc £76.50 Whitchester; Swaledale £58.50 Naddle. Goats to £64.50 and £63.50 Moyadam Park.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 143.5p (143.5p)
Heavy to 173.5p (162.7p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 129.5p (129.5p)
Heavy to 187.5p (168.2p)

Young bulls to 147.5p (140.3p)

Light to 228.0p (162.7p)
Standard to 236.0p (173.6p)
Medium to 220.0p (174.2p)
Heavy to 197.0p (165.8p)

Light to £86.50 (£49.81)
Heavy to £128.50 (£79.33)

Cast Rams to £113.50(£74.27)

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