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Two New Livestock Products from Provita

The New Year has been marked by two exciting Provita Eurotech product launches, both featuring special introductory offers.

Provita Hoofsure Konquest

Provita Hoofsure Konquest

Hoofsure Konquest is a gel, which can be used in tandem with a foot wrap to treat hoof infections in dairy cows, including digital and inter-digital dermatitis. The new product, which was developed by Provita in tandem with researchers at Queen’s University Belfast, combines organic acids and tea tree oil in a highly concentrated gel which has a powerful, penetrating action.

The product has advanced bio-adhesion properties which help the gel stick to skin and hoof. Konquest is formulated to remain stable in warm weather but flexible in cold weather allowing it to be spread easily in all conditions.
The gel is easy to use on skin lesions around the hoof. All dead tissue should be scraped off and the affected area then covered with gel. Finally, apply a hoof wrap bandage. The bandage can be removed after three days and the process repeated seven days later, if required. For claw lesions, trim hooves and follow the same process.

Farmer responses, received courtesy of extensive UK and Irish trials have, have confirmed the efficacy of Hoofsure Konquest. While the gel should be used as part of a routine herd management programme, in severe cases farmers should consult their veterinarian about combining antibiotics along with hoof wrapping for better results.

Konquest is now available in 300 ml silicone type tubes from merchants throughout the UK at a Recommenced Retail Price of £15. This is equivalent to 50 pence per hoof treated. A limited introductory deal of buy 1 get 1 FREE is available.

Provita Response Calf Capsules

Provita Response Calf Capsules
Response Calf Capsules represent the second new product to be launched by Provita in 2011. Each capsule contains 4 different ingredients to boost survival rates in newborn calves. A routine dose contains active proteins; concentrated EU sourced natural colostrum powder, 2 billion Probiotic bacteria and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12 D3 and E.

These ingredients work together to support new born calves and bought-in calves against infection. For routine prevention of newborn calves, 2 capsules should be given at birth as soon as possible, ideally within 6 hours. The capsules can also be used at times of stress, e.g. after transport and after antibiotics.

Response Calf Capsules can also be used to aid recovery after scour and antibiotics, to re-establish beneficial probiotic bacteria in the calves gut.

The standard pack size is 20 capsules, enough for 10 calves, which retails at £3.56 per calf equivalent. A special limited introductory offer of 50% extra FREE is available, i.e. get 30 capsules for the price of 20.

For more information or to find your local stockist phone Provita on 0800 3284982 or email:

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