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Stackyard News Jan 2011

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A Stress Free Way to Feed Ewes This Winter

Many sheep across the UK have been struggling with the most severe December in 100 years, many of them heavily in lamb and some, in the south and west, feeding young lambs born recently.


ewe in snow

In the more favoured areas ewes have been able to scrape through the lighter snow covering to the grass below but in much of the UK the only feed available is conserved forage.

In either case the ewes will be short of energy, quality protein along with minerals and vitamins.

The Stokblok™ Sheep Plus is a feed and energy block that will address these requirements.

The molassed 18% protein block contains a balanced range of minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Within the formulation zinc, important for udder and hoof health, is available in protected form for maximum absorption while high vitamin E levels, combined with the selenium in the block will help at lambing for quality colostrum production and enable the lamb to get up and suckle quickly.

StokBlokMaking Stokblok™ Sheep Plus unique in its formulation is the addition of yeast, for improved rumen bacteria health along with Megalac, a very efficient source of energy, to help the ewe make the most efficient use of the forage on offer as well as maintaining her energy levels, so important at this time of high stress.

This winter the Group is seeing an increased demand for the products within the Stokblok™ range, a sign that forage is in short supply, conventional concentrates are increasing in price and in these weather conditions putting out tubs of Stokblok™ Sheep Plus is an efficient, stress free and cost effective way of feeding outdoor ewes.

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