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Stackyard News Dec 08

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Longtown Primestock Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 33 prime cattle, 4,371 prime lambs and 5,754 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Tuesday 30th December, 2008.

Prime cattle met a flying trade with cattle peaking at 201.5p for an outstanding 595 kilo Limousin bullock from JC & D Nicholson, The Gill and purchased by G Moor, Borthwick Mains, others to 190.5p for a Limousin heifer from JF & SJ MacDonald, Ladyhousesteads and purchased by W Kirkup & Sons, Butchers, Longtown. Other Limousin bullocks to 187.5p The Gill, 186.5p Hallburn, 178.5p Dashwellgreen & Hallburn; Belgian Blues 179.5p Dashwellgreen, 161.5p Dykehead; Charolais 164.5p Hallburn, 162.5p Sceughdyke.

Top price per head was £1292.40 (720kg) Dashwellgreen.

Other Limousin heifers to 190.5p Ladyhousesteads, 180p Hallburn, 175.5p Ladyhousesteads; Charolais 167.5p, 166.5p Sceughdyke. Top price per head £1003.28 (585 kilo) Houghton House.

longtown prime sheep

A full ring of buyers saw lambs easily sold with good weights in short supply. The 2,904 lambs over 36 kilos averaged 136.4p with the 1467 under 36 kilos averaging 137.0p. The overall average was 136.6p/kg.
The sale topped at £79.50 for Blackface lambs from Benson Wemyss (Meggethead) and to 172p/kg for Texels from D & Y Wilson, Plumpe. Other Blackfaces to £58.80 Sceughdyke & Cramalt; Suffolks £75.50 Sceughdyke, £72.50 Newington & Philiphaugh; Cheviots £69.50 Catslackburn, £55.80 Sorbie, £54.80 Naddle; Texels £78.50 Kirkland Green, £76.50, £74.50 Becton Hall; Rouges £46.80 Corehead; Charollais £63.80 Raeburnhead, £63.50, £62.80 Dashwellgreen; Greyfaces £59.80 Street House & Farneyshield, £58.20 Street House; Cheviot Mules £58.20 Aimshaugh, £52.20 Philiphaugh; Leicesters £60 Raggetsyke, £58.80 Westend; North Country Cheviots £63.80 Philiphaugh, £58.20 Wickethorn, £57.20 Philiphaugh; Swaledales £52.20 Aimshaugh, £49.20 Low Roughill; Herdwicks £54.80 The Wynd; Jacobs £50 Craigdhu; Beltex £65.80, £58.50 Mouldyhills; Woodland £64.50 Roundbush.

Lightweight lambs to £60.20 for Cheviots from Plumpe, others £50.80 Naddle; Suffolks £54.20 Teinside, £48.80 Archerbeck, £47.20 Aldery; Texels £55 Raggetsyke, £54.20 Front Street, £52.20 Hyndlee; Bleu de Maines £45.80 Upperburnmouth; Charollais £47.80 Front Street; Greyfaces £56.80 Nether Rusko, £46.20 Greenburn; Cheviot Mules £49.20 Dinley; Blackfaces £49.20 Meggethead, £46.80 Castlemilk, Mount Benger; Swaledales £43.50 Haithwaite; Herdwicks £49.20 Cardewlees; Beltex £58.50 Mouldyhills; Shetland £38.80 The Wynd; Welsh £49.80 High Dovecote.

A magnificent show of ewes were presented to a full ring of buyers which ensured another buoyant trade, even if slightly easier on the week. The sale was topped at £82.50 for Texel ewes from Millantae Farms, others to £80.50 Flagstaff & Catslackburn; Suffolks £75.50 Longyester, £73.50 First Watling, £72.50 Roadside; Bleu de Maines £76.50 Ballyrobert; Charollais £74.50, £72.50 Thackwood; Greyface £65.50 Whinfield, £60.50 Kirkblane & Sykehead; Leicesters £67.50 Quarry House, £62.50 West Shipley, £58.50 First Watling; North Country Cheviots £57.50 Shankfieldhead, £56.50 Netherplace, £56.50 Earlside; Beltex £73.50 Low Longthwaite, £68.50 Draperstown, £64.50 Low Longthwaite. Lightweight ewes to £56.50 for Blackfaces from Whinfield, others to £55.50, £53.50 Quarry House; Cheviots £48.50 Allfornaught, £46.50 Stackbraes, £42.50 Allfornaught; Swaledales £51.50 Farneyshield, £46.50 Low Stowbank, £44.50 Trough Head; Herdwick £35.50 Low Stowbank, £31.50 Cardewlees.

Prime rams to £74.50 for North Country Cheviots from Earlside; Suffolks £72.50 Philiphaugh; Cheviots £56.60 Linhope; Texels £73.50 Low Roughhill, £70.50 Earlside; Charollais £70.50 Thackwood; Leicesters £68.50 Catslackburn, £67.50 East Mains; Blackface £54.50 Peela Hill; Swaledales £37.50 Blackhouse; Beltex £55.50 Low Longthwaite; Zwartbles £63.50 Trough Head.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 173.5p (158.4p)
Heavy to 201.5p (170.1p)

Light to -------p (------p)
Medium to 143.5p (143.5p)
Heavy to 190.5p (168.1p)

Young Beef Bulls to -------p (-------p)

Light to 146.0p (133.4p)
Standard to 172.0p (138.6p)
Medium to 160.0p (138.5p)
Heavy to 154.0p (125.4p)
O/Weight 142.0p (125.0p)

Light to £56.50 (£33.42)
Heavy to £82.50 (£51.57)

Cast Rams to £74.50 (£46.19)

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